Wild Too

Katamaran Nautitech 47, built 2006, N-32461 „Wild Too“, Flag Austria
Yard: Nautitech / France
Production Method: Vinylester / Vacuum Infusion
Length: 14,70 m
Width: 7,80 m
Weight: 12.000 kg
Engines: 2×55 PS Diesel
Mast Height: 18,00 m
Sailarea: 120 m2
Spi: 168 m2
Gennaker heavy: 160 m2
Gennaker light: 180m2

Wild Too Outside: 

The cockpit roof offers good sun protection. In good weather we eat outside at the spacious cockpit table. If you want to hang out in the sun the front area is a good place for that.



WILD TOO inside, Layoutplan, Cabins

Wild Too has 4 double cabins with beds 140m * 190m und 4 single bunk beds in the bows. – see Layoutplan below. All in all we have 12 bunks. Every double bedroom has its own bathroom and toilet. We try to keep the number of guests to 7 persons max. The stb front double bed and one stb single bunk is occupied by me and Stephie and Emilia, my baby daughter, in case they visit. An other single bunk is used as storage for the 2 Genaker sails. I can not promise your own double cabin for yourself but I try to put Ladies together in a double if possible and if it really does not work because of snoreing or whatever there is the option that you occupy 1 of the 2 free single bunks in the bow on the port side. You can have your own double bunk if you pay the double costshare of cause.